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I wanted to take a minute to share how impressed I am with you and your business.It isn’t often that you get greeted by an owner and taken care of with the highest level of customer service. Your philosophy shows in your staff, who were all very pleasant and attentive to the crowds. My wife and I have been involved with several businesses from either a marketing standpoint or startup stage. Before I even get in the door of a business I am checking off a list in my head of what works and what doesn’t.You have done a lot of things very right. Thank you again and well done.”

The Sizzle Scrubz team are a pleasure to work with and align with Spicers’ values when it comes to customer care and delivery of quality product. No job is too big or too small and everything is dealt with swiftly and professionally. Now 7 years on, Spicers partnership has grown and given us even greater confidence. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough for any business when it comes to uniform solutions. Sizzle Scrubz are proactive as well as creative and have a good sense of fit and understanding of any business.

Sizzle Scrubz sourced everything from uniform requirements across the business, what promotional items the company used, what polo shirts they use for events, and even how our conference apparel, merchandise, novelty items, and signage should look.

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